Monday, July 6, 2009

Fox Morning Show with Mike and Juliet - Bill Collector Harassment

Fox Morning Show discusses bill collector harassment, such as calling late at night and calling numerous times at their work. The story involves a woman, whose husband was serving in Iraq, who received numerous phone calls from a debt collector stating that her husband hadn't paid off his student loan. The bill collector threatened to take their house and their car. She had to contact her husband serving in Iraq. He said that he had paid off the student loan before going off to war. When the wife relayed this to the bill collector, they didn't believe her and continued to harass her.

Another story involves a woman that fell behind on her payments because her husband was out of work. The debt collector began harassing her at work by calling numerous times and embarassing her in front of her co-workers. They contacted her co-workers and asked them to relay messages to her regarding being late on her payments. You have rights. For more information, go to

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