Wednesday, September 16, 2015

World Law Group Sued for Debt Relief Scheme

World Law Group is accused of failing to provide legal representation to help consumers negotiate debts with creditors, while collecting illegal upfront fees.  The company misled consumers by telling them they would be represented by local attorneys.  In addition, the company failed to negotiate debt settlements and rarely settled consumers’ debts.

World Law Group allegedly told consumers to stop paying their debts and make monthly payments to World Law Group, which the lawyers would use to negotiate settlements with consumers’ creditors.  The company promised at least 21,000 consumers and collected $67 million in fees before providing any services and performing any negotiations.  Consumers were subjected to collection calls, lawsuits, late fees, and lower credit scores.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau obtained a preliminary injunction against World Law Group to halt operations and freeze its assets while the case is pending.  The lawsuit also names Derin Scott, David Klein, and Bradley James Haskins, who control World Law Group.  In addition, the individual defendants control Orion Processing, LLC d/b/a World Law Processing, WLD Credit Repair, and World Law Debt; Family Capital Investment & Management LLC a/k/a FCIAM Property Management; World Law Debt Service, LLC; and World Law Processing, LLC.

A copy of the complaint can be found at:

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